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Hallett Cove Southern is a two level freelance layout utilising US West Coast motive power mainly from Southern Pacific (SP) with some Santa Fe, Union Pacific and has other visiting road-names from time to time.

It represents a vision in my mind which includes freight and passenger services with a locomotive servicing facility. The Upper Level has an inner and outer loop which are interconnected, incorporating a turning loop and two staging towns. The outer loop connects to the Lower Level via a helix.   The Lower Level is a double track main configured as a folded dog bone design, it includes the main classification yard and staging.

See the track plans Upper Lower

Details of the towns of  Jimtown, Adamsville, Iron Hill, Hornertown, Loco LeMaistre, Flintston, Daveyston, Huntington, Fleets Loop and Stirling can be located on their respective pages found in the menus

Freight Operations include the movement of: quarry products – iron ore/coal/coke/limestone, grain  – bulk (silo to silo) and industry (silo to industry), petroleum products both bulk and packaged, cement, fresh produce (including icing of reefer cars), processed lumber, stock, processed meat, general goods, engineering works products, early trailer train and containers.

Passenger services include long distance (Named Trains), locomotive powered commuter and railcar services

Locomotive servicing facilities are provided for both diesel and steam.