Tom Barbalet

Tom hosts the Model Rail Radio Podcast which has a large following and many of the listeners wanted meet Rosslyn and I during our travels.  Tom has been inviting listeners to travel to San Jose and stay with him and experience some of what the local club and modeler’s are doing.  We took him up on his offer!  I would encourage others to think about it we had a great time with Tom & Michele and the cats.

Tom had organised a busy schedule for Friday and Saturday before our arrival and thanks must go to him for what he did including getting a leave pass on Sunday so we could take up Richard Murphy’s kind invitation to come visit. We had a full, jammed packed weekend, Thanks to Michele Barbalet for driving us everywhere and we were very impressed with her diving ability.
Oh and we cannot forget to mention Bertie – the boss of the four cats.

We visited the following places whilst staying with Tom:

Seth Newman

Silicon Valley Lines

Ted Stephens

Jamie Fenton & Jenifer Stanberry

Malcolm Johnson & Shana Negin

Vera Sepulveda & Laura Leff

John Polcher &  Katie Dickinson and the WP 668 Party

Richard Murphy & Mo

We boarded the Amtrak Cost Starlight bound for Los Angeles.