Amtrak Cost Starlight

We traveled from San Jose to Los Angeles on the Amtrak “COAST STARLIGHT”.

San Jose Station

The train has WiFi but it only works when near towns and we are away from that more than in it so 10%-15% of the time I have an internet connection – nothing for the last 6 hours. But it does not stop me typing and using my local copy of pictures. Just have to wait a while as I have some from today that I need to put in the cloud to include in this dispatch.

I caught the first glimpses of the coast after we came down from the hills and the soil has turned very sandy now. We have made the coast and the waves are rolling in. On the other side is the SPACEX installation. I now understand ‘A trailer by the sea”!!

We did not need lunch after breakfast so I have booked into the dining car for tea. I had pasta and Rossco had fish washed down with a Heineken.

The walk from train through Union Station from the train to the taxi was about ¾ of a kilometer.

Here is a video with some footage from the trip.