The Model Railroad Club of Union

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What a place to visit!

The original HO layout was 40 x 40 feet and they are adding more than twice the current area. The whole layout is hand laid track with NO rail joiners…  There was a N Gauge layout which was about 20 x 30 feet which was double decked and very nicely done.  In some of the space to be eventually to be consumed by the HO layout is G gauge layout about 20 x 30 feet.
They own the building and have a long term lease on the land from local government.  The club has a full business like structure and all decisions are taken based on user and strategic direction.

All bench work, track, wiring and scenery has its details recorded and documented (every dropper to every rail has a number and it is logged!).  Their systems seem to be immaculate so future members have access to “what has been constructed” all wires are labelled too! Tom Barbalet if you think my documentation is complete it is NOT a patch on theirs!

I took some video too…

N Gauge



G Gauge