Canada 2016

I had been corresponding with Lionel Strang about our visit and all we knew was Lionel was going to turn up around 12 midday and that was all apart from Bruce Wilson and Ralph Renzetti may join us.

Well, Lionel and I spoke on the phone about 11.45 and he asked if we could meet at the Toronto Roundhouse he told me some of the boys will be there.  Well, Ralph and Chris Lyon were there to meet Rossco & I and eventually Lionel made it.

For the uninitiated Lionel has a “thing” about people buying him a free lunch – a Costco Hotdog and Pepsi – well I believe I now hold the record for the person travelling the longest distance to buy Lionel a free lunch!

Well I bought lunch for everyone for under 10 bucks!  Rossco even had a hot dog!


Toronto Railway Museum

Our Home & Miniature Land


We concluded our day over dinner at Montana’s

Lionel, Ralph, Chris, Rossco & I went for dinner and we were told we had to try “poutine”. It was hot chips with bacon or chorizo, curds & gravy which we forked from a bowl to a side plate. It was different but nice.

After dinner Ralph dropped us off at a subway station so we traveled about 2/3 of the main “U” of the line which took about 25 minutes. Lionel rode with us for a couple of stations and I got video interviewed by him and his selfie stick see below.