Track Plan


I had a number of design concepts in my mind given the space available was 27’ x 21’6” (8.23m x 6.55m) in the double garage and 16’ x 2’ (4.88m x 0.61m) in the rumpus room.

I wanted to achieve the following:

  • Double track bi-direction mainline.
  • Loco depot & service facility.
  • Hidden staging.
  • A classification yard with arrival departure tracks.
  • The ability to turn a complete train running in either direction.
  • An industrial town.
  • Industries with the main town adjacent to the main yard.
  • A passenger terminal.
  • A branch line with a town before the final town.
  • Access to a helix to get to the top level.
  • Visitors to be able to watch two trains circulating  on the bottom level.

I wanted to avoid:

  • Small and medium radius turnouts on the mainline.
  • Narrow isles.
  • Electrical DCC bus runs of greater than nine metres.



The staging tracks shown in purple are beneath the lower level benchwork and are accessed from either Lewiston Loop or Fleets Loop.




Loco LeMaistre