Ffestiniog Railway

We took a taxi as it was raining again. Door to door service again and we boarded the Ffestiniog Pullman coach to Blanaeu Ffestiniog.  We had seats 1 and 2 again right at the observation window.

Upon arrival at the first station men in overalls were scurrying around. After a few minutes the conductor came in to advise due to a problem he couldn’t disclose we will be delayed for at least 10 minutes. He then proceeded to ask if anyone had connections to which 4 people in our carriage said yes. We were advised that we may not make the connection and we could catch a bus from the station to make sure we made the connection. Rossco and I decided that as we had come halfway around the world to ride this train and we were in the prime seats in the fanciest coach if we missed the connection too bad we would figure it out.

View from the rear of the train for the duration….

Well we got underway in about 10 minutes and there was no mention of connections again. We arrived at Blanaeu Ffestiniog to be told to walk the entire length of the train to the track level crossing to get to the platform we needed – plenty of time he said! Not so, before reaching the track level crossing the train arrived at the platform. We had to rush against exiting passengers and just made it. I got on and Rossco about 30 seconds after me and then 30 seconds later the doors closed.