Standard Shunt Movements

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Standard Shunt Movements


The biggest isue in the main yard is the separation of duties between the Yardmaster and the Assistant. Following actual operating experence the strategies nelow have been developed.

Local Freights – Building

Hornertown Local Freight SHunt


Local Freights – Moving to Departure and adding Cabooses

Hornertown Local Freight Consist & Caboose


Express Goods East – Building

Hornertown Express Goods East Shunt


Express Goods West

Hornertown Express Goods West Shunt


Hornertown Through Train On-Offs

Hornertown Through Train On-Offs


Hornertown Caboose Transfers

Hornertown Caboose Transfers


Transfer Caboose Arr & Dep West

Hornertown Transfer Caboose Arr & Dep West


Oil and Coal

Hornertown Coal or Oil Shunt


Icing the PFE

PFE Icing


Jimtown-Adamsville-Iron Hill-Jimtown

Under development



Iron Hill

Empties Arrival

Iron Hill Empites Arrival Shunt


Ore Loading

Iron Hill Ore Loading Shunt




Ore Unload

Huntington Ore Unloading


Grain Load/Unload

Under development



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