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Car Cards

I decided that a picture on each card would assist operators in locating the actual car.  Some cards include a “set of cars” as these are generally on unit trains where the consist does not change.

There are five types of card:

Freight Car Cards – White

Coboose Cards – Red

Locomotive Cards – Black

Coach Cars – Green

Railcar Cars – 1/2 Black & 1/2 Green



I have decided to use a four segment waybill so I developed a database to collect the movement data that I exported to Excel ready for use in a Word merge document.  I have produces about 50% more waybills than cars to ensure a good mix of cars in service.

Details of all the Industries within towns were established – see example below.

Waybill data was collected using a series of “lookups” to ensure data integrity.

The Waybill records are then grouped by Car Types (Boxcars, Flat, Gondolas, Hopper, Reefers, Stock and Tanks) for selection for printing – note the Block Train cars are excluded as special waybills are used for these.


Here is an example of the results

Waybills ready for first use.